NasosPromServis, LLC

Scientific and Industrial Enterprise


Limited Liability Company «Scientific and Industrial Enterprise «NasosPromServis» has its own production facilities and capacities, specializes in:

  • designing and upgrading both exploited and new pumping equipment;
  • manufacturing of spare parts:
    • for pumping equipment;
    • for centrifuges OGSh, 1/2 FGP, FGN 2001 and others;
    • for piston, liquid-packed ring and centrifugal compressors;
    • for mining equipment;
    • for oil-refining and oil-producing industries;
    • for chemical industry enterprises.

LLC «SIE «NasosPromServis» range of services also includes:

  • equipment supply, equipment installation, assembly operations, subsequent service works (maintenance, etc.);
  • maintenance of different types of pumps;
  • maintenance of piston, liquid-packed ring and centrifugal compressors;
  • maintenance of reduction gears;
  • maintenance of centrifuges.

You will provide full equipping to objects of any kind and purpose by using our production.

Our advantages:

  1. warranty for all the products;
  2. post-guarantee after-sales service;
  3. top short term of order processing;
  4. flexible payment system.