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Pump 4N5x4

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Spare parts for pumps:

  • 4N5x4
  • 5N5x4
  • 10ND6x1
  • 8ND10x5

The 4N5x4 electric pump unit is designed for pumping water, oil, liquefied hydrocarbon gases, oil products and other liquids similar to those indicated in their physical and chemical properties.

Pump parameters

  • Delivery - 62 m 3 /h
  • Head - 212 m
  • Temperature of the pumped-over medium - no more than 200 & # 8451; C
  • Inlet pressure - no more than 0.6 MPa (6 kgf / cm 2 )
  • Allowable cavitation reserve - no more than 5 m
  • Rotation speed (sync.) - 3000 rpm
  • efficiency - at least 63%

The root-mean-square value of the vibration velocity, measured on the pump casing in the area of ​​the bearing support, is not more than 4.5 mm / s in the nominal mode and not more than 7.1 mm / s in other modes.

Scope of delivery

The delivery set of the unit includes:

  • assembled pump with counter flanges;
  • drive motor;
  • coupling with guard;
  • common base frame for pump and motor;
  • spare parts kit;
  • technical operational documentation.


The pump is a centrifugal, horizontal, four-stage pump with a back-to-back arrangement of impellers. The inlet and outlet nozzles of the pump are located horizontally. Connection of branch pipes to pipelines - flange. The rotor is supported by crankcase lubricated rolling bearings. The end seal is gland type.

An elastic sleeve-finger coupling is used between the motor and the pump. An electric motor is used as a pump drive 1VAO-280Y-0.38-2U2, with a power of 90 kW, a synchronous speed of 3000 rpm, a supply voltage of 380 V. The brand of the engine is preliminary and can be replaced by customer's requirement.

Pump and motor are mounted on a single frame.

Material of the main pump parts: casing, cover, impellers - SCH20, shaft - steel 40X.

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